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satoumiwako8 (小远) 圈内达人
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发表于:2015-10-19 15:29 [只看楼主] [划词开启]
======= 10月19日群内分享记录 ======= 我们今天分享点轻松的东西,来盘点下最近一部特别火的电视剧和电影,想必大家已经猜到是什么吧? 对啦,那就是《琅琊榜》和《夏洛特烦恼》!
我们先来说说《琅琊榜》If you still haven't watched Nirvana in Fire (LangyaBang) or don't know who Mei Changsu and Xiao Jingyan are, you might be falling behind the times in China. 在中国,如果你还没有看过《琅琊榜》,或者不知道谁是梅长苏、萧景琰,那么你就落伍了。 Fall behind the times在这里就是落伍的意思~
The period drama, about a man's quest for revenge and the struggle to clear his family namehas become one of the hottest topics of discussion for TV fans.这部讲述一个男人展开复仇行动,努力为家族洗刷冤屈的古装剧成为了电视剧迷们最热衷讨论的话题。 Searching on Sina Weibo you can find millions of posts discussing and sharing opinions about the drama or affectionately poking fun at the character.在新浪微博上,你可以搜到成千上万条关于这部电视剧的意见或者调侃角色的内容
There are posts dedicated to analyzing nearly every aspect of this series in minute detail from clothing to etiquette and cinematography.有些微博致力于从各个角度分析剧中的服装,礼仪和摄影技术上的细节。 Story is king. While many period dramas play fast and loose with history, Nirvana in Fire has been praised for its realistic setting and respect for history and the source material.故事情节是成功的关键。当多数古装剧拿历史当儿戏时,《琅琊榜》因其逼真的场景,对历史和事实的尊敬获得了高度赞扬。 The show tells the story of main character Lin Shu/Mei Changsu and his long and difficult journey to clear his family name and get justice for tens of thousands of soldiers who were unjustly killed.这部电视剧讲述了男主角林殊(梅长苏)为他的家族和万千含冤而死的将士正名的漫长而艰难的征程 The series has distanced itself from the clichéd romantic plots seen in many period shows by emphasizing the ideals of brotherhood, patriotism and living up to one's responsibility.不同于其他电视剧老套的罗曼史,这部剧因其强调兄弟之情,爱国情怀和责任感而别具一格。 The leading actors, Hu Ge (Mei Changsu), Liu Tao (Mu Nihuang) and Wang Kai (Xiao Jingyan) have surprised audiences with their acting abilities. 主演胡歌(梅长苏),刘涛(穆霓凰),王凯(萧景琰)用他们的演技征服了观众 This is particularly true of Hu, who has surpassed his previous roles with his complicated portrayal of Mei Changsu and ability to touch audience's hearts with even the smallest movements.尤其是胡歌,以其细腻的表演和对梅长苏深刻的刻画触动了观众内心,该角色超越了他以前演绎过的角色。 The performances of the supporting actors are no less excellent. The serious dedication of the cast can be clearly felt and many netizens have posted how they have been moved to tears by certain scenes. 其他配角的演出也同样精彩,观众们被他们严谨的表演所折服,许多网友也纷纷指出他们被某些场景打动甚至落泪。 Those dramas that try to pull a fast one by counting on an actor's popularity and looks to cause audiences to ignore a show's lame performances and poor storylines could never have such an emotional impact.那些拍摄时间短,完全依靠演员名气,忽视演员劣质的演技,故事线薄弱的电视剧永远不会有这样的情感影响。 要说这部电视剧到底为什么这么受欢迎,我想最重要的一点就是细节决定成败,It's the little things
The dedication of the crew behind the camera is also apparent in all the little details that can be seen in each scene. 幕后制作人的敬业也通过荧幕上的各种细节展示出来 Be it costumes, props, cinematography, dialog or the show's music, it's clear those working on the show have put their heart into their work.无论是服装,道具和摄影技术,还是对白和配乐,无一不显示出制作方的良苦用心。 There is actually a long list of things worth talking about. Though based on a novel without a specific historical background, the show goes out of its way to accurately portray the clothing and even etiquette followed in ancientChina事实上有许多细节都值得一谈,虽然原著是建立在架空历史的背景上,但是电视剧却真实地还原了中国古代的服饰和礼仪。 The authenticity of the traditional culture on display demonstrates that the show has done its homework.对古代文化的真实表达反映出剧组对此用功颇深
It should come as no surprise that viewers are calling the show a textbook example of what a period series should be.无怪乎观众将这部剧称为其他古装剧教科书式范本。 来点题外话,在这里披萨给大家分享些这部电视剧里传递的礼仪哈附手礼双手附胸腹间,上手男左女右。行大礼前站直,表示诚意正心。
正规揖礼 女子行礼本着平等神的精,不要求女子特殊行礼。但处于忍让的风度,女子行礼两手合扰放胸前,微屈膝,微低头即可;若拜礼,上身直,膝着地,扰手下垂,头微低,即可。 看完礼仪,我们继续哈~
This attention to detail is also reflected in the show's stage setting.对细节的重视也通过场景设置表达出来。
Major changes were made to the house where Mei Changsu lives to better fit the atmosphere of the show. The crew planted a bamboo garden and built a pebbled courtyard path themselves.他们对梅长苏所住的房子做了较大的改造以使其更能融入剧中的氛围,为此剧组种了一片竹林并修建了一个用鹅卵石铺建的院子。 Nothing appears in the drama that hasn't been changed in some way by the crew.剧中的每一处布景都被剧组进行了一定程度的改造。
In recent years many period series have tended towards simplistic plots, absurd storylines and a complete disregard for history, while also relying on shocking twists and cheap special effects to catch audience's attention.近年来,古装剧变得情节简单,故事线混乱,违背历史逻辑,仅仅依靠匪夷所思的故事转折和劣质的特效来吸引观众的眼球。
Standing out from its peers, Nirvana in Fire has not only attracted attention, but has also turned a new page for future TV productions.不同于其他电视剧,《琅琊榜》不仅引起了观众的热议,同时也开启了古装剧的新篇章。

再来说说这部国产喜剧《夏洛特烦恼》A poster for Goodbye Mr. Loser is displayed inBeijing. The comedy had earned more than 900million yuan in ticket sales last Monday.《夏洛特烦恼》的海报在北京展出。截至上周一,该剧票房收入已经超过9亿元。
A comedy film without celebrities and with all its actors making their movie debuts raked in 593 million yuan ($93 million) at the Chinese box office over the National Day holiday.一部没有名人参演的喜剧电影在中国国庆假期中,票房就达到了5.93亿元(9300万美元),而且其中所有的演员都是首次在电影中亮相。
The actors in Goodbye Mr. Loser are all stage performers who honed their comedic skills during live performances.《夏洛特烦恼》的演员们都是话剧演员,他们的喜剧技巧都是通过现场表演期间磨练出的。 Stage performers~The movie's surprising success came as the seven-day holiday saw another record for the nation's film industry, with box office takings of 1.85 billion yuan.这部电影令人惊讶的成功之处还在于,中国的电影产业在一周中,票房收入达到了破纪录的18.5亿元。Box office 在这里就是票房的意思~
Goodbye Mr. Loser is the first movie made by Mahua FunAge Production Co Ltd, which is due tobecome the first comedy stage show producer to be listed in China.《夏洛特烦恼》是由北京开心麻花文化发展有限公司生产的第一部电影,他们将成为首个登陆中国资本市场的话剧剧制作商。 The film, released on Sep 30, is widely believed to have given a significant boost to the company's valuation and stock price.该电影于9月30日发布,被广泛认为会显著提升公司价值和股票价格。
This movie has earned 1.56billion yuan to date, according to EntGroup Consulting, an entertainment industry consultancy in Beijing.据一家在北京的娱乐行业咨询公司,这部电影到目前为止已经获得了15.6亿元。
Mahua FunAge released its prospectus to the National Equities Exchange and Quotations, also known as the New Third Board, a day before Goodbye Mr. Loser was released.在《夏洛特烦恼》上映前一天,开心麻花已经在国家股票交易所发布招股说明书和报价,也被称为新三板市场。
The company's annual revenue in 2013 and last year was 118 million yuan and 150 million yuan respectively, with net profit of 34.6 million yuan and 40.7 million yuan公司的年收入在2013年和2014年分别为1.18亿元和1.5亿元,净利润为3460万元和4070万元
In the first half of this year, it has seen revenue of 83 million yuan and 17.88 million yuan in net profit.今年上半年,它已收入8300万元,净利润1788万元
More than 95percent of its revenue comes from stage plays and related products, with 90 percent of income from ticket sales.超过95%的收入来自舞台剧及相关产品,90%来源于票房收入。 Founded in 2003, Mahua FunAge Production specializes in producing and distributing comedy stage shows. 北京开心麻花文化发展有限公司成立于2003年,专业生产和演出舞台喜剧。
As of November 2013, it had produced more than 20 plays and three musicals.截至2013年11月,它生产了20多个戏剧和三个音乐剧。

P.S. 想看琅琊榜的同学可以去优酷里搜哦~就不提供下载啦~

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